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Pulpit and Lectern Falls

On Sunday 7 May 2000, a set of new pulpit and lectern falls was dedicated.  Their creation had been made possible through donations from the families of two of our elders, Joe Murdoch, who died in June 1998, Eddie Warnock, who died in November 1998, and to Joe's wife, who had died in October 1995.

Pulpit Fall

The Kirk Session commissioned Myra Gibson, PT of Art and Design at Carluke High School (and co-incidentally mother of Alan Gibson, our probationer minister at the time), to design and make the falls.  She started work "in the dark days of January", working weekends and evenings, when they got light enough.  The falls were finished in April.

Myra explained the thinking behind her design:

I decided to go for a Celtic cross.  I feel this is a good, strong symbol, and also, it suggests Scottish-ness.  Within the cross, I have placed symbols of the Trinity, and of the four Gospels of the New Testament.  At the heart of each cross, I've put a Greek cross in gold leather.  This is a focal point and also a symbol of stability: the cross within the cross.

She used a range of "rich and sumptuous" fabrics and materials, including wild silk and gold thread to produce the design which is in keeping with the character of our church building and convey the richness of the Christian faith.

Lectern Fall

Myra expressed her hope that the congregation would enjoy the falls, and that the sponsor families felt that the finished products were worthy memorials to their departed ones.

The minister, Mr Frew then dedicated the falls with the words: "In the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Glory of God and in memory of His servants Eddie Warnock and Joe and Nancy Murdoch, I dedicate these falls."