Our Mission Statement

The purpose of St John's is to -

  • worship God
  • help people to come to faith in Jesus Christ
  • help them grow in faith and go out in service

Monthly Prayer - October

Dear God,

As we enter this time of harvest, we may not be farmers raising animals or cultivating crops but we and the rest of the world rely on these farmers to put food on our tables. We rely on other industries to provide work that we may live in comfort. Good things have come to us, food to eat, clothes to wear and places to live. We give you thanks and praise for providing this.

There are others who are not so lucky and have nothing to look forward to except starvation and struggle because of drought, the greed of others, war or natural disasters. We pray for the organisations who work so hard to relieve the suffering of these people and give them hope that they might build a future for themselves. We pray that these organisations have the wisdom and strength they need to protect the people and resources for years to come

Lord in your mercy hear our prayers


Hiring Our Accommodation

Our halls and other accommodation may be hired for meetings, classes etc.

For details of availability and charges, please click the link below to contact us.

Come and Join Us

If you live locally, and have no other church connection, we extend a warm invitation for you to come and worship with us. Click here for details of Normal Worship Times, or check out the What's Happening column on the left for details of any upcoming special services.