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  7 April 2024  

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Sunday 14 April
Morning Worship
Guest Preacher: Rev Elizabeth Clelland
Tuesday, 16 April
Tuesday Bible Study
See Yvonne Young for Details
Thursday, 18 April
FAT Club
Kettle's On!
Mid-Week Service
Badminton Club
Friday, 19 April
3rd Carluke Boy's Brigade
All Sections
Sunday 21 April
Morning Worship
Led by Rev Dr Elijah Obinna


April 2024
PrayerSoup 'n' Sweet Event
Evening Praise Service

St John's Church of Scotland, Carluke, along with Kirkton, St Andrew's and Law Parish Churches, form a Cluster within the Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale.  Together, they serve the towns of Carluke and Law and outlying farms and villages such as Kilcadzow and Yieldshields.

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  • UPDATED: An appeal has been launched to replace the kitchen oven.  More...
  • A new series of Tuesday Bible Studies have started.  More...

Easter Day, 31 March 2024

Dear Friends and Members of Carluke: St. John's Church,

Grace and peace to you in the name of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ!  In this joyous season of Easter, I am filled with immense gratitude for each of you.  Our journey together as a congregation has been one of steadfast faith, unwavering commitment, and boundless love.  Easter symbolises renewal, hope, and the triumph of light over darkness.  It reminds us of the transformative power of Christ's resurrection and the promise of new life.

Amid our Easter celebrations this year, our congregation finds itself at a unique juncture as we continue to engage and await the outcome of the Presbytery Mission Planning for Carluke and Law.  This process allows us to reflect on our mission as a faith community and discern how we can best serve God and our neighbours in the days ahead.  While this journey may come with challenges, it is also a time of great potential and promise for our congregation and cluster.  As we navigate this period of discernment and planning, let us remember that Just as Jesus emerged from the tomb, victorious over death, so too can we emerge from our challenges, revitalised and renewed in our mission to serve God and His people.  Our faith in Christ empowers us to embrace change with courage, trusting in God's guidance.  Together, let us embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie before us, confident that God's grace will sustain us and guide us every step of the way.  Let us remain steadfast in our faith, united in our purpose, and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

During this Easter season, let us reflect on the blessings surrounding us - the love of family and friends, the beauty of creation, and the countless gifts God bestows upon us daily.  Let us thank God for the community of St. John's Church, where we find fellowship, support, and spiritual nourishment.  As we celebrate our Lord's resurrection, may we be inspired to renew our commitment to living out the values of compassion, justice, and reconciliation in our daily lives.  Let us reach out to those in need and extend a hand of friendship to the stranger, the needy, the lonely, the grieving, and those in pain, offering them the same hope and grace we have received.

May Christ's resurrection fill your hearts with peace and joy as we proclaim, "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!"

Yours in Christ's service,

Rev Dr Elijah Obinna