Sermons from 2019

Recordings of the sermons from older services can be heard by clicking the links below.

Note - All Services were led by Rev Dr Elijah Obinna, unless otherwise stated.

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24:  God is Love 17:  Recognising the Spirit of God 10:  Doing Small Things with Great Love 03:  Scott Murray - How Do We Face Difficult Situations?  


27:  Grateful Heart 20:  Loving God and One Another 13:  Rev John Turnbull - Understanding the Times 06:  Confidence Through God's Love  


29:  Rev Bill Buchan - Reading the Will 22:  Confidence in God's Word 15:  Companions on the Road 08:  Confidence Through Obedience 01:  Confidence Through Fellowship  


25:  The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit 18:  The Love of God   No Recordings of Summer United Services: 30 June to 11 August inclusive  


23:  Rev Prof William Storrar - The Healing Gospel 16:  Talk by Karen Gillon - Who Will Go fo Me? 09:  I believe in the Holy Spirit 02:  And He will Come to Judge the Living and the Dead  


26:  He Ascended into Heaven, He is Seated at the Right Hand of the Father 19:  Fishers of people 12:  Journeying with the Risen Christ 05:  Rev Dr John Sharp - Worship Relationships  


28:  Jesus Overcomes Our Fears 21:  On the Third Day, He Rose Again 14:  Hosanna in the Highest 07:  Hope in the Midst of Despair  


31:  Religion, Money and Eternal Life!   (Rev John Turnbull) 24:  Prayer Makes a Difference 17:  ...He Descended into Hell 10:  ...Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried 03:  God Can do the Impossible!  


24:  I Believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord 17:  I Believe in God ... Creator of Heaven and Earth 10:  The Greatest Thing in the Universe   (Rev Ian MacKenzie) 03:  I Believe in God, the Father Almighty  


20:  Listening to God 13:  One Family in Christ 06:  No Recording; Joint Service in Kirkton Church