Sermons from 2017

Recordings of the sermons from older services can be heard by clicking the links below.

Note - All Services were led by Rev Dr Elijah Obinna, unless otherwise stated.

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31:  The Waiting is Over 24:  With God, ALL Things are Possible 17:  (Talk) Giving and Receiving Joy 10:  The Very Rev John Chalmers - Playing Second Fiddle 03:  Hope to the Hopeless


26:  The Lordship of Christ 19:  Go in Love 12:  Spiritual Gifts - Serving 05:  Weeping with Each Other


29:  Walking on the Water 22:  Rev John Turnbull - Listening to God 15:  God's Healing Mercy 08:  Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 01:  A Thankful Heart


24:  The Miracle of the Great Catch of Fish 17:  Self-Discipline 10:  The Miracle of the Healing of Many 03:  The Miracle of the Healing of the Official's son


27:  The miracles of Jesus 20:  No Sermon today


2 July - 13 August:    No recordings during Summer Joint Services



25:  The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast 18:  Karen Gillon - (Talk) The Parable of the Builders 11:  The Parable of the Cancelled Debt 04:  The Parable of the Persistent Friend


28:  Rev Dr John Sharp - Light and Darkness 21:  Hospitality 14:  The Parable of the Workers in the vineyard 07:  The Parable of the sower


30:  Untitled 23:  Peace Unto You 16:  Because He Lives 09:  Triumphal Entry? 02:  Untitled


26:  Rev Elizabeth Clelland - Mother Courage 19:  Rev Elizabeth Clelland - Living Water 12:  Rev Elizabeth Clelland - Don't Keep It to Yourself 05:  Blessedness of Persecution


26:  Blessedness of Peacemakers 19:  Blessedness of Purity 12:  Blessedness of the Merciful 05:  Blessedness of Righteousness


29:  Blessedness of Meekness 22:  Blessedness of Mourning 15:  Blessedness of Being Poor in Spirit 08:  Epiphany 01:  New Year - New Beginnings