News from St John's

Virtual Bible Study - Update

Since 11 June, a small but faithful group have met on-line, via Zoom, for a virtual Bible Study.

The seven-week study was based on the study guide Cover to Cover Bible Study - Acts 1-12: Church on the Move by Christine Platt, published by CWR, covering the early days of the Church.

book cover

The Bible Study group will now take a break until 27 August 2020, when a further seven-week study will commence.  This will be based on the follow-up volume from Christine Platt: Cover to Cover Study Guide - Acts 13-28: To the Ends of the Earth.  It covers Paul's three missionary journeys, as he and his co-workers follow Jesus' call to proclaim the gospel to 'the ends of the earth'.

While not essential, we recommend that those wishing to attend purchase a copy of the study guide to allow access to the background information and discussion questions in preparation for each meeting.  It can be purchased from a variety of on-line sources, including cwr, eden, GLO on-line and Amazon, or in person from the GLO Centre Bookshop in Motherwell.  The ISBN is 978-1-85345-592-6, and it will cost around £3.99.  Depending on the seller and the amount you are spending, there may be free delivery