Youth Church

The Youth Church caters for all ages from birth (in the Crèche) right up to when a young person leaves school at 17 or 18.  By that time, it is hoped that the seeds of a Christian faith have been planted and nurtured by the committed staff, lead by Superintendent Andrew Kerr.


The mains aims of the Youth Church are:

  • to create a happy, caring and safe environment for our young people.
  • to help the young people of our church to grow up in the knowledge of Jesus Christ amd to make an informed decision, when appropriate, to follow Him.
  • to support parents/grandparents/guardians as they bring up their children in the Christian Faith.
  • to provide a Christian education appropriate to the age group of each child.
  • to involve our young people in the life and worship of the congregation.
  • to reach out to children with no church connection.


Catering for children under 3, the crèche meets in the downstairs Crèche room during the morning service.  Parents/Carers are encouraged to participate in a supervision rota.

Sunday School

This section is for children at Primary School. There are two sub-groups:

  • Juniors (for children aged 5 to 8 at Primary school)
  • Seniors (for children aged 8 to 12 at Primary school)

These groups meet initially at the morning worship, after which they continue in the Large Hall until the end of worship.  A variety of activities take place.  Children can come along any Sunday, but a brief registration/consent form must be completed.