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Carluke Parish Grouping


Mission Priorities

  • Offer Touching Places in the town centre.
  • Explore church presence in the East side of the town.
  • Engage with the needs of vulnerable people.
  • Develop work among young people.
  • Reach out to the rest of the town, taking account of new people in new areas.
Parish Grouping logo

The three congregations of the Church of Scotland in Carluke formed a Parish Grouping in 2006.  The Parish Grouping took a significant step forward in 2010 when a mission audit conducted in the town led to the identification of 5 mission priorities listed in the panel above.

Further discussion among the three churches has resulted in a number of practical initiatives which show the love of Jesus Christ at work in the community:

  • A Food Bank serving the whole of Clydesdale was established in 2013, in conjunction with New Beginnings, a charity which supports homeless people as they move into a new home, and now assists around 50 households per month.  The Clydesdale Food Bank is now a SCIO, with the Scottish Charity Number SC045073.
  • A facility offering Funeral Teas to bereaved families who may be unable to meet the costs of a gathering of family and friends has been put in place.
  • Major investment in training people as Listeners, in collaboration with Listen Well Scotland, has developed a resource of around 30 personnel who are available to listen to those wishing to talk about concerns, at church, weekly events/cafés or indeed anywhere.